Flipped Classroom Resources

This is the website that is used during our Flipped Classroom Training. Flipped Classroom trainings are held twice a month. 

This site has a full set of videos on every different areas of the curriculum. 

The number one resource for online videos on every subject and piece of curriculum. You can also search youtube for Kahn Academy videos. 

These information filled videos will prepare you for flipping your classroom. From Edutopia. 

Ed Puzzle lets you run your complete Flipped Classroom with interactive videos and a very full library of pre-made videos for you to share with students. 

Powtoon is a great place to make your own videos using cartoons and graphics. It is a great way to make classroom videos if you do not have a camera. 

Learn Zillion has plenty of online resources on any curriculum that you need to share in your classroom. 

Zaption allows you to create videos that have interaction, quizzes, and more. You can also set up classrooms and see whether or not students have watched the videos.