English Language Arts

Documentaries from PBS organized by grade level. Great material for writing topics. 

Students can make interactive picture books to share with the classroom. Teachers can create assignments and students can turn them in. 

Lesson plans on various books and poems from all forms of literature. 

Lesson Plans for the English Classroom from the Smithsonian. 

Lesson plans for 9th-12th Grade English from Discovery Education. 

Language Arts and English Lesson Plans from Education World. 

A large amount of lesson plans designed by teachers for teachers. 

Lesson Plans for the English Language Arts Classroom. 

Lesson plans on just about every topic in English Language Arts, separated by grade level. 

Language Arts games from Teacher Vision. 

Interactive games for students in grades 3-6 from the Utah State Education network. 

Many different games to help in teaching grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. 

Games on vocabulary and punctuation. 

Interactive lessons for all grades Pre-K through 12th. 

A daily blog featuring articles for the English Language Arts Teacher. 

Hundreds of videos on teaching English Language Arts, Reading, and Writing. 

Useful Discovery Education videos that do not require a login to view. Lots of homework helpers. 

Links to several games that improve grammar and vocabulary. 

Hundreds of skills available to practice for further understanding of language arts concepts and terms. 

Daily News Stories at different reading levels. Great tests for comprehension with real news stories. 

Great resources for improving instruction in the Reading Classroom. 

A great website with lots of tools to help students, parents, and teachers with the difficult process of learning and teaching reading skills. 

Interactive games to improve students' typing skills and speed up their work on the Chromebooks. 

Hundreds of Interactive lessons for students on everything from ABC's to Punctuation.