Parent Links

Elementary campus registration forms are available to print here.

Elementary campus registration forms are available to print here.

Informational site on preventing bullying and cyber-bullying.  A guide for students, educators and school administrators.

To register a student in a Livingston ISD school, please start at this link. 

The official dress and grooming code for the 2015-2016 school year. 

Use this link to check your student's grade progress. Codes can be obtained from your child's counselor. 

Use this link to add money to your child's lunch money account. 

Use this link to register your child for the Free and Reduced Lunch program in Livingston ISD. 

The Parental Involvement Connection Quarterly Newsletters.  Together we can make a difference.  Available in English and Spanish.

Sign up for your student's Parent Teacher Organization at their local school. 

The official handbook for the Livingston ISD 1:1 Chromebook Initiative. 

Information on how to order Chromebook Insurance on-line for your student's Chromebook. 

The School Supply List of the 2016-2017 School year in Livingston ISD. 

What parents can do to help their students thrive in Livingston Public Schools. 

National Center for Families Learning

This anti-bullying site offers good information to prevent bullying in our local schools. 

Another great site to end bullying in our local schools.